Investor Relations

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We are a convenient solution for real estate investors and property owners looking to establish and maintain constructive renter relations.

Why choose us?

As a fully integrated property management company, we are well equipped to effectively address all of your needs.

Rental Pricing: Our team of experts will set the right rental price for your property according to the value of your property and the area’s demand. We consider many important things like location, size, and market to determine the optimal price for your property.
Advertising: Advertise your property to find the right tenant for your property. We know the right places to advertise your property both online and offline. We will create ads for the property and then advertise the property using different advertising mediums like:-
Paid and free rental listing websites.

  • Paid and free rental listing websites
  • MLS
  • Fliers
  • Print Publications
Repair and Maintenance: We will provide a crew to maintain your property at the highest standard. We can make repairs when needed and maintain the interior and exterior space with cleaning, painting, and lawn care to attract your ideal tenant.
Find Tenants: We’ll help you find quality tenants for your rental property with cutting-edge technology that can identify the perfect family for your unit. With our experience, we have developed and refined the process of acquiring quality tenants.
Screening Tenants: We have links and connections to screening tenants. We perform background checks to verify identity, credit history, and income and talk to previous landlords.
Lease Agreement: Once a tenant is approved, we will handle all rental/lease agreements. The rental agreement includes the names of the tenants, rules, terms and conditions, and much more. Leases are available to share with investors/landlords to avoid any confusion in the future.
Quarterly Inspections: We conduct routine inspections to ensure the rental is in good condition, there are no damages to the property, and that tenants are not violating the lease agreement. Our leases will identify the clause“Right to Entry” and the words “inspection by the landlord.” This clause lets the tenant know we might conduct unscheduled or routine inspections.
Rent Collection: We collect the rent each month on the due date. If the tenant fails to pay the rent on time, then we take necessary actions against them or even evict them. Once all monies are received, we update the owner statement for a proper forward of funds. We use the Avail system for collecting rent from tenants. And to ensure optimal cash flow, the company sets strict late fees.
Evictions: If tenants break the rules or do not pay the rent on time, we may move to evict the tenant from the property. We will coordinate with law enforcement to remove the renter or their possessions from the property. The eviction laws vary from state to state. We consider the laws while writing up the lease or rental agreement, and we create the agreement based on the state laws and will legally handle the eviction process.

  • Less legal problems
  • Shorter periods of vacancy
  • More free time
  • Less stress
  • More freedom