Property Managers and Community Reformers.

Everything we do is for the advancement of minority communities in Chicago.

To a Stronger Chicago.

Eleven 11 Property Management has always taken pride in establishing an environment that develops leaders and creates opportunities for others. We aim to set a standard of excellence when it comes to modeling ethical and principled leadership. We have over 15 years of experience with facilities and janitorial management of residential and commercial properties. In addition, we advocate for mixed-income housing and inner-city development.
At our core, we desire to attract minority investors back to Chicagoland communities in an effort to change the narrative about minority renters and owners. To do so, we have curated a team of professionals, including real estate attorneys, realtors, brokers, property managers, leasing agents, janitorial personnel, and maintenance technicians. Together we have built a property management portfolio that continues to expand.


Meet our leadership team.

Harry Valentine

Co-owner and Chief Executive Officer of Eleven 11 Property Management. Harry has a passion for inner-city development and mentoring high school students.

Crystal Valentine

Co-owner and Chief Operating Officer of Eleven 11 Property Management, Crystal demonstrates a commitment to philanthropy and tenant empowerment. She fosters tenant education and cultivates partnerships within an extensive network, facilitating the transition of renters into homeownership.


Jennifer Simmons

Lead partnered Realtor with Eleven 11 Property Management, Jennifer is dedicated to educating individuals on the wealth-building potential of real estate. Her passion lies in empowering clients with the knowledge and resources to achieve financial success through strategic property investments.